Zürich Roundnet Open 26.4 cancelled!

Dear all ​ Unfortunately we have to inform you, that for now we have to cancel the Zurich Roundnet Open from April 26th due to the Covid-19 situation 😭. We tried to wait as long as possible before taking this decision, but on April 26th (even if the situation would improve dramatically in the next 2 weeks) we can’t hold the tournament with a clear conscience. The tournament is currently canceled. However, we are confident that we will be able to re-organise it later this year (we’re all working on it by staying at home 😉).Until then we wish everyone health and a lot of patience. For the teams that already registered: Thank you for signing up 🙌! It's so nice to see that there are already so many motivated roundneters around us. Since the tournament is cancelled, we will send you the entry fee back asap. We hope that you understand our decision and look forward to smashing, punching, clapping, spiking, stroking… the ball into the roundnet very soon and hopefully with you guys standing beside us 💪 (without having to keep any distance). Yours sincerely More impressions and infos about the tournaments on Instagram and Facebook on @roundnetclubzurich

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